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The majority of UT’s sorority and fraternity houses are freestanding houses located on university property. Currently there are 29 sorority and fraternity housing facilities. The houses sleep anywhere from 15 to 51 members, and all facilities have a live-in house director who assists in managing the day-to-day functions of the house.

Contact for all Greek housing questions

Housing Contracts

If you are selected to live in a Greek house, you will receive a Housing Contract from your sorority or fraternity. Your organization will facilitate the contract process and turn in all housing contracts to the Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life. You will be billed rent through MyUTK for each semester that you live in the house.  Individual organizations may have additional contracts or addendums separate from the University contract.  Please make sure that both contracts are read and discussed fully prior to signing.

A sorority or fraternity housing contract is a fall and spring contract unless you have special permission to live there only for one semester. The housing contract is binding, just like a residence hall contract or a lease, so be sure you agree to the length of the contract before you sign. In order to live in a sorority or fraternity house, you must maintain enrollment at UT and remain in good standing with your sorority or fraternity. First year students are not allowed to move into a fraternity or sorority house for any reason.

Meal Plans

Sororities and fraternities with a housing facility may have a meal plan associated with both the facility residents and non-residents.  All undergraduate students (those who take 6 or more credit hours) are required to be enrolled in a University meal plan.  Meal plans provided through a sorority or fraternity will count as a University meal plan and may be charged through a student’s MyUTK account.  If an individual organization chooses to not provide a meal plan or an individual member does not enroll in their organization’s meal plan, they will be automatically enrolled in a $300 Flex Plan.  This is consistent for students living on or off-campus.

Sororities and fraternities may also charge for meal plans through their individual organizational billing that is not linked to MyUTK.  If you have questions about a meal plan charge from a fraternity or sorority that is not through MyUTK, those questions can be directed to the specific individual chapter.

Questions about sorority and fraternity meal plan charges through a student’s MyUTK account can be directed to the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life at 865-974-2236.

Questions regarding additional University meal plans may be directed to Vol Dining.

Fraternity House Director Positions

Each fraternity with a house employs a house director. The selected individual reports to the Fraternity House Corporation and will live-in the fraternity house.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience. The House Director may not be a current undergraduate student. The House Director is not an employee of UT or OSFL. However, this position is available to graduate students and can be combined with an assistantship on campus.

We are currently recruiting fraternity house director applicants.  Please view our House Director Position Description and contact our office if interested.

Sorority House Director Positions

Each sorority with a house employs a house director. The selected individual reports to the sorority house corporation and will live-in the sorority house.

There are no sorority house director positions available at this time.

If you have questions about the sorority or fraternity house director roles, contact the Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life’s Greek Housing department at