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Community Highlights, celebrating 149 years on rocky top. 5,325 members. 24% of campus.

Community Statistics

Community Statistics Page. GPA for the OSFL community is 3.31 and the campus average GPA is 3.19. Quote from a member “Being a part of a chapter has transformed my college experience. It allowed my to push myself more than I ever have before, while having a support system to catch me when I fall.”

Academic & Membership Reports (Spring ’17 – Spring ’21)

Learn more about our community semester by semester by taking a look at our growth and academic standings!

Community Highlights. Philanthropic collards raised in the last five years was $1.48 million and the annual community service hours totaled to 40,876 hours. 45 chapters, 4 councils, 1 home sweet home.

Learn more about our Chapters!

Sorority and Fraternity Life started in Knoxville back in 1872 and we are home to 45 active chapters and 4 councils. Learn more about how each council serves different organizations and how each chapter provides a different experience.