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VOLink Resources

VOLink is the roster, events, and organization management tool that all Registered Student Organizations use on Rocky Top. the Sorority & Fraternity Life community hosts more than 1,200 educational, philanthropic, service, social, and ritual events every semester. Below are resources, tools, and tips for officers to navigate VOLink.

Access VOLink

  • Train multiple officers on how to register events
  • Use one crisis management plan, send it to all officers so they aren’t creating it for each event (update when necessary)
  • Use Google Docs for guest lists and sober monitor lists, use that link when you’re registering events
  • Parents, alumni, and/or out of town guests:
    • Notify guests of tailgate/event policy ahead of time! An RSVP link is a great way to do this.
    • Reach out to visiting schools’ chapters to see if they are sending members to campus for sporting events. Make sure to add them to your guest list.
  • Get your Sober Monitors trained. Request a Sober Monitor Training through OSFL.
  • Review OSFL, University, (Inter)National Headquarters, local, state, and federal policies and laws and policies before hosting something outside of Knoxville. Review these items with your members once a semester and before large events.
  • Create a plan! All events should have a plan to prepare for the event, identify how the event it run, and what needs to happen after the event.
  • Temporary fencing may be put up on property or on campus property with approval. Fencing will need to be removed at the conclusion of the event. This plan will need to be outlined in VOLink registration. (Contact Facility Services)
  • Events that might require large amounts of trash to be removed from the site should be discussed with facilities. They can provide rollaway dumpsters or trash removal.
  • Special Events
    • Dunk Tanks – VOLink registration will need to include how the chapter will get the dunk tank to the location, how the chapter will fill it with water, and how it will be removed. If there is lightning, dunk tanks will not be permitted on campus for the safety of all students. Contact the Knoxville Fire Department to inquire about water supply (865-595-4480).
    • Events with Sand – Events with sand (i.e. events where the chapter gets sand delivered to a location on campus) will not be approved until there is a plan and clear understanding of how the sand will be delivered, utilized, and cleaned up.
    • Food Trucks – Food trucks are required to contract through Vol Dining/Aramark before they are approved to be on campus (approved food truck list). Please ensure you have checked the vendor’s availability before you submit this form. An Event Request Form must be filled out in addition to the Food Truck Interest Form below. All event details must be coordinated with Campus Event Services. (Food Truck Information)
    • Philanthropy Weeks – Chapters need to register each individual event during the week. Please label them with the week’s name and the individual event for organization. For example: “Sigma Chi Derby Days – Car Wash”
    • “Pie” Events – Pie events (e.g. whipped cream or shaving cream) should be done on a tarp. The VOLink registration will need to include a clean-up plan for after the event.

It’s the chapter’s responsibility to manage their VOLink roster with all active members. OSFL hosts a Roster Day twice a semester to ensure grade reports, membership reports, and billing is kept accurate. No member should be removed from a roster during the academic semester; only status updates/changes should be made. Any new member additions or withdrawals need to be communicated with council advisors within 48 hours.

Additionally, chapter officers should be managed by the chapter’s Primary Contact listed on VOLink. The Primary Contact on VOLink for an organization is always the chapter president. Officers responsible for roster management and/or event registration should be given “full access” under permissions. When officer changes take place, the chapter needs to submit the Chapter Officer Update Form within 48 hours.

Have questions about VOLink or want to get trained? Reach out to OSFL or your council executive boards for more information. Want to add resources or tips to this page? Contact OSFL!