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NPHC Intake & Membership

2023 Interest Form RSVP to Misconceptions & Stereotypes

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

The National Pan-Hellenic Council at UTK is composed of seven of the nine historically, not exclusively, Black sororities and fraternities. These organizations live by the values of culture, academic achievement, diversity, community service, leadership, social justice advocacy, and lifetime brotherhood and sisterhood NPHC organizations are committed campus leaders that produce and engage in educational and social activities.

NPHC “Divine 9″ or “D9” sororities and fraternities initiate new members through a membership intake process. This engagement starts either with an informal, Informational Meeting and/or formal Rush/Interest Meeting.

  • An “Informational” meeting is generally a meeting to learn more information about said organization.
  • An “Interest/Rush Meeting” is the formal event in which members attend who are interested in joining an organization. These meetings typically start intake for organizations.

Each organization holds their process at their own specified time within a given fall or spring academic term. 

Undergraduate students who wish to affiliate with an NPHC organization must meet specific membership qualifications*:

  • Be enrolled full-time at UTK
  • 12 UTK Credit Hours Established
  • 2.5 Cumulative GPA 
  • Volunteer/Service Hours
  • Students currently in the Volunteer Bridge Program or Road to Rocky Top are NOT eligible to join a sorority or fraternity until their successful completion of the program and are registered for a full course-load at UTK.

*Note: G.P.A., credit hours, and service hours are the minimum NPHC requirements. Some organization requirements may be higher or more specific.

2023 Important Dates

  • Meet the Greeks: August 23
  • Misconceptions & Stereotypes: August 30

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