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Our Policies

Sorority & Fraternity Life Policies


The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life (OSFL) believes in the benefits of fraternities and sororities and advocates for the organizations and students in their pursuit of fraternal ideals.  We strive to provide opportunities to create life-long bonds through the principles encompassed in the shared values of scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship.  Our mission is to provide a quality undergraduate fraternal experience enhancing student development by developing meaningful partnerships with campus-based professionals and departments, students, headquarters staff and regional and state volunteers, alumni, and advisors.  OSFL upholds the following philosophies specifically related to ensuring a safe experience for all members and guests.

  • OSFL expects that our organizations and students will follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws in addition to University policy.
  • OSFL will collaborate with inter/national headquarters staff and state, regional, and local volunteers to address health and safety concerns.
  • OSFL strives to prevent the behaviors and attitudes associated with poor risk management techniques.
  • OSFL will provide the tools to help students make good choices and to understand the consequences of their choices through education, training, and partnerships.
  • OSFL will collaborate with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, inter/national headquarters, and state, regional, and local volunteers to hold organizations and individual members accountable for the choices they make.
  • OSFL expects personal responsibility from its members and accountability through local self-governance by individual chapters and/or governing councils.
  • OSFL understands that health and safety issues are broad and complex and will work to provide all members with the skills needed to address these issues.

Health and Safety Education Policy

Housing Policies

Organization Registration Policy

Social Event Management Policy

Public Accountability Policy

Expansion Policy(new and returning):

The University of Tennessee’s Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life is committed to support the healthy growth and sustainability of our member groups. Interest in becoming a part of the community driven by the Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life.  Any group interested in learning more about becoming a recognized fraternity/ sorority within the Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life should begin by contacting Kelly Phillips for process details and driving policy.

Student Code of Conduct

“Students at the University of Tennessee are members of
both the University community and the larger community
of which the University is a part. Accordingly, students
are responsible for conducting themselves in a lawful
manner as well as in compliance with University rules
and policies.” -Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards


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