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Sorority and Fraternity Members Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

Congratulations to the following members of our sorority and fraternity community who received awards for their academic and leadership achievements. We are so proud of you!


Extraordinary Academic Achievement:

Laura Myers – Alpha Delta Pi

Hannah Price – Phi Mu

Emily Allen – Alpha Chi Omega

Kortney Dunbar – Delta Zeta

Sarah Gregg – Phi Mu

Kyle Phillips – Kappa Alpha Psi

Carlee Workman – Alpha Omicron Pi

Jacob McCoy – Alpha Epsilon Pi


Extraordinary Campus Leadership and Service:

Michael Curtis – Kappa Alpha Psi

Maria Smith – Delta Sigma Theta

Kiana Townsel – Delta Sigma Theta

Mariah McClerkin – Delta Sigma Theta


Extraordinary Professional Promise:

Amy Morgan – Zeta Tau Alpha

Danielle Clark – Delta Gamma

Shelby Greaves – Delta Delta Delta

Lauren Parrish – Kappa Delta

Rachel Ricker – Alpha Delta Pi

Phillip Newsom – Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Abigail Harr – Delta Delta Delta

Brenna Zimmerman – Chi Omega


Outstanding Scholar Athlete:

Todd Kelly – Kappa Alpha Psi

Emily Allen – Alpha Chi Omega

Kortney Dunbar – Kappa Delta

Sarah Gregg – Phi Mu

Kyle Phillips – Kappa Alpha Psi


Top Collegiate Scholar:

Alessandra Ferrero – Alpha Omicron Pi

Jay Patel – Sigma Beta Rho


Gene Mitchell Gray Pioneer Award:

Amber Hale – Zeta Phi Beta



Hunter Jones – Alpha Gamma Rho


Fulbright Recipient:

Miles Ownby – Kappa Alpha Order



From the Director

You made it.  Within a few days,  most of you will hand in your last assignments, take your last exams and breathe just a little deeper than perhaps you have in several months.  At the end of the semester, something seems to physically lift off of you when a semester or an academic year comes to a close.  Ideas perhaps rooted from childhood, remind us that summer is the season to enjoy longer days with people you care about, to play more,  to rest more and to restore yourself.  For some in our community, you will be graduating and launching into the next chapter of your life.  Before you go, I have 3 questions for all of our graduate/alumni members:

  • Has being a member of a sorority or a fraternity made you better?
  • What are you taking with you?
  • What contributions did you make while you were here?


Has being a member made you better?  

At the heart of every fraternity and sorority experience there is the idea that our organizations are designed to make people a little better than the day they joined.  These are the central ideas written into the elements of our rituals.  Not that our experience is designed to remove the individuality out of a person.  Quite the opposite is true.  Our experiences when done well takes the best of a person, and make them better.  I hope that has happened for you.  Believe it or not, that is what drives me to do the work I do every day.  Fundamentally, our organizations have a transformative power to make people into a better version of themselves.  Not only does that impact life in college, but it potentially creates a trajectory that has a lifelong impact.

We build stronger people, stronger communities through all fraternities and sororities do….. connection and mentoring, events and service, education and personal development, leadership and scholarship, etc.  When we bring our best to our organizations, we begin to sharpen our skills, and refine our gifts and hone our talents.  If you think that sounds dry and boring, stop and think again.  That can all happen through a lot fun.  If we are doing it right, members will experience the rare opportunity to reveal a more authentic version of themselves in a strong connection with people who genuinely care about you.  Was that a part of your story?  Self-discovery is a life-long process.  At the end of this college experience, do you have a stronger sense of self, or a clearer picture of your values and what characteristics make you distinct?


What are you taking with you?

So as you leave the Hill as a student for the last time, what are you packing up and taking with you that came from your fraternity or your sorority? My hope is there are a number of things you can point to as an outcome of your experience….Friendships, good times certainly, but far more like new skills as a leader, new knowledge about working in a team, or a new awareness of the world and who you are in it and potentially the power to change it.  Some much happens in the context of a college education and only a certain portion of it happens inside a classroom.  What has been your experience?


What contributions did you make? 

What are you leaving us?  College is a short but powerful season of life.  While on the most fundamental level you all came to UTK for something… a degree, and an education… did you invest something of yourself in this place for those that follow you?  Did you make a contribution to this University or to your fraternity or sorority?  Are we better because of the work you did in some way?  Did you lead?  Did you serve? Did you mentor someone as a big brother or sister or help someone navigate a challenge they were facing?

Recently, I attended the Chancellor’s Banquet as the guest of our own Hunter Jones, immediate past IFC president who was among those recognized with the University’s highest honor, the UT Torchbearer Award.    I have always loved the Torchbearer Creed,

One that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others. 

If we are doing fraternity and sorority right, I might argue that the number of true torchbearers found throughout our community could not fit on a single stage.  Being a torchbearer, in its simplest sense, should be a natural byproduct of a sorority or a fraternity.

To our graduates, we wish you well and we thank you for all you have given to us.  Remember to tell your story.  If you  are willing and want to share it with me, I would love to hear it.  Email us at  We encourage you to keep making an impact on the world.  Stay connected, and when you are able, visit.  We look forward to seeing you.  We hope some of you will play a role supporting others through even better experiences than what you were afforded.  Perhaps that will be getting involved in an alumni or graduate chapter, or at some point serving as a volunteer advisor.  As you are able, make financial donation to support the organization or the initiatives it promotes.   Remember, even when the t-shirts and line jackets are not something your wear everyday, you still reflect us.   Sorority and fraternity is not just for “Four years, but for life.”   We wish you all the best in your next chapter.


Grand Chapter

Thank you to UT Athletic Director, Coach Phillip Fulmer for joining us at the Grand Chapter Event in Thompson Boling Arena on April 23rd. This event was a reward for the groups who had the largest percentage of members completed the Fraternity Sorority Assessment Survey. This survey is allowing our campus to join with others across the SEC to develop consortium data to tell the story of sororities and fraternities on our campus in light of the fraternal experiences in the SEC and across the nation.

Congratulations to the following chapters in each Council:

IFC: Phi Kappa Psi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon

MGC: Delta Phi Omega and Sigma Sigma Rho Sororities and
Sigma Beta Rho and Beta Chi Theta Fraternities

NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororities and
Phi Beta Sigma and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternities

Panhellenic: Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Omicron Pi


Additionally, we want to recognize Sigma Kappa, Delta Gamma, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Chi Omega,  Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Chi Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and  Delta Tau Delta who had 40% or higher completion rate.  All will receive a letter of recognition sent to your national Headquarters on your effort and participation in the survey.   There was an overall completion rate of 40% and nearly 45% participated in some portion of the survey.  Formal results will be shared in the fall.

Power of the Purse

During the month of April, Panhellenic worked with Power of the Purse, an organization that raises money to support Meals on Wheels/Mobile Meals in Knoxville. Women in the community donated purses they no longer use, which will be sold at an auction event to raise money. Mobile Meals uses this money to provide hot meals for homebound seniors in the Knoxville community, which are delivered by volunteers daily. The Panhellenic community raised 181 purses, and over 70 of them were contributed by Alpha Delta Pi. Panhellenic is thrilled by how successful this event was and hopes to continue it in the future.

Panhellenic Leaders Selected as National Sorority Consultants!

Huge congratulations are in order for Betsy Pierce, member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Eliza Sorrell, member of Zeta Tau Alpha for both being selected as traveling leadership consultants for their respective organizations! Betsy has previously served as the Panhellenic Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Service and Eliza most recently served as Zeta Tau Alpha’s Chapter President. We are so incredibly proud of both of you and are excited to see how you both continue to advance our sorority communities!

Betsy Pierce, Kappa Kappa Gamma


Eliza Sorrell, Zeta Tau Alpha

Alpha Omicron Pi

Alpha Omicron Pi hosted their first ever AOPasta dinner at their house on April 11, 2018. For just $8, guests were able to eat pasta with four different sauce options, bread, sides, and pie. The dinner benefited our philanthropy, The Arthritis Foundation. They are so excited to have raised $2,000 with this new event and look forward to having it again next year!

Delta Delta Delta

In the month of April Tri Delta has been making huge strides for the campus and community. On April 15th, they hosted their 30th annual TriDeltathon, a triathlon for the Knoxville community. TriDeltathon has been a tradition for years and is a great way for the chapter to get involved with the Knoxville community and students across campus.The triathalon took place on campus and included a 400 meter swim, a 6 mile bike, and a 3 mile run. With around 300 participants, the event was a huge success. All of the proceeds go towards East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, where we completely fund Camp Eagle’s Nest, a camp for kids suffering from life threatening illness and diseases that acts as a get away for those patients so they can be a normal kid for a week. Tri Delta is so proud of all of their successes from the month of April and they look forward to the next semester.

Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma loves working with their local philanthropy, Club VIBES (Visually Impaired/Blind Enhanced Services). Club VIBES is a mentoring service for visually impaired or blind youth in the Knoxville area. Every Wednesday, Delta Gammas spend time exercising with Club VIBES members on weekly “mall walks”. Both organizations spend time walking around the mall and getting to know each other. Because the weather has been so great, they took the last “mall walk” outside! Club VIBES encourages their members to find ways to stay active. DG loves that they can assist as the Club VIBES members as walking guides while also strengthening the relationship with the organization. “While we do focus on finding ways to support the organization, we know that Club VIBES members are our friends – we are so thankful to have this opportunity.”

Two weeks ago, Delta Gamma had the opportunity to host the Best Buddies Prom at their chapter house for the Best Buddies chapters in the East TN area. Everyone had a blast dancing the night away! DG was so excited they could support Best Buddies and the community in this way.

Delta Zeta

On Sunday, April 29th, Delta Zeta held their second annual “Bow Ties and Butterflies,” event benefiting The Butterfly Fund of East TN Foundation.The Butterfly Fund was established at East Tennessee Foundation in August 2008 by the Barger and Harrill families in memory of their daughters, Emily Barger and Maddie Harrill. Both of these little girls were diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of childhood cancer, in 2007. Sadly, both of these girls passed away just weeks apart during the summer of 2008. The fund serves to raise awareness of and funds for childhood cancers.

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