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FarmHouse (FH)

Chapter name FarmHouse
Designation Tennessee Chapter
Colors Green, Gold, and White
Symbols/Mascot Sickle and Sheaf
Philanthropy Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
National Founding April 15, 1905 at University of Missouri
UT Founding 1959
Standing at UT Good Standing: Two-Star
Chapter GPA 3.21
President William Vaughan

913 S. 21st Street

Standards of Fraternal Excellence 2023

Standing: Three-Star Chapter

Overview: SOFE is a 100-point standards program that requires chapters to obtain at least 70 points to be in good standing. For a full breakdown of this program, visit These standings are a representation of the previous year’s chapter performance for SOFE. Current conduct standings can be found on the Community Conduct History page.

two out of three stars

Total: 83/100

Education 25/27
Health and Safety Summit, Greek Leadership Summit, Bystander Intervention Workshop, Chapter Officer Workshops, Cross Council Exchange, New Member Health and Safety Module, Headquarters Program(s), Risk Management Program, DEI Program, Program with another chapter from another council, & program with another Registered Student Organization or Department.
Academics 6/6
Maintaining a chapter scholarship program and chapter and new member GPA above a 2.5:

View the Community Academic Report

Administration 31/32
Roster submission, New Member Education Plans, Officer Updates, Advisor Updates, Council Meeting Attendance, Presidents’ Cabinet Meeting Attendance, VOLink Registration, OSFL Coaching Meetings, Financial Good Standing, & Conduct Standing
Civic Engagement 5/5
Completing at least 4 hours of service per member tracked through the Jones Center for Leadership and Service and hosting one philanthropic event:

2023 Service Hours Per Member: 4.12 hours/member

2023 Philanthropic Donations: $2,361 donated

Excellence 16/30
Campus Involvement, Immersive Leadership and Service, Service Hours Over 4 Hours Per Member, Chapter GPA Above the All-Male/Female Average, Academic/Career/Leadership Program, DEI Program, Health & Safety Program, and End-Of-Year Meeting with OSFL Council Advisor.