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Wellness Corner

Self Care Tips

It’s the end of the semester and with assignments due and upcoming exams, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. Remember to take time for yourself to manage stress. Unsure where to start? Coping with stress begins with figuring out how you currently deal with stress and assessing whether or not your current coping methods are beneficial to you. If they aren’t, consider changing how you manage stress and trying new things. Some ways to manage or reduce stress include

• Relaxation techniques such as journaling, mindfulness, yoga, or meditation
• Connecting and finding social support amongst family, friends, partners
• Allowing yourself to take breaks and get 7-9hrs of sleep
• Engaging in physical activity that is enjoyable
• Getting outdoors

It’s important to find what works for you. A hot bath might reduce stress for one person, but another might find that hiking is better for them. It’s also important to recognize when you might need to ask for help if being “stressed out” is turning into a more serious issue for you. Additional resources include the Student Counseling Center and 974-HELP (865-974-4357), a 24hr help line students can call if they are worried about themselves or a fellow Vol.


CHEW Now Accepting Student Wellness Champions Applications

Interested in promoting health and wellness for your chapter?
If you’re passionate about improving wellness for your chapter members, become a Student Wellness Champion! Champions serve as a liaison between the Center for Health Education & Wellness (CHEW) and their respective organizations. They share information about health and wellness activities and resources, provide feedback to CHEW about students’ health needs, and can organize activities for their organizations. For more information and to apply visit