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Wellness Corner

VOLentine’s Day Activities

February 12th & 13th

Hodges Library

10 am – 2 pm

Come learn about the aspects of a healthy relationship while you craft hand-made cards and personalized trail mix for yourself, friends, or significant others.


“Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic” Film Screening and Q&A

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

AMB 32

6 pm – 8 pm


Someone You Love is a documentary that follows the lives of five women affected by HPV, the virus that is responsible for almost all cases of cervical cancer. Learn more about what HPV is, why the HPV vaccine is important, and get your questions about HPV answered by a healthcare professional.


Did you Know? 50% of new HPV infections occur in 15-24 year olds. Most people clear HPV infections, but sometimes they do not go away which can lead to health issues including cancers. The most common HPV-associated cancer in women is cervical cancer, and in men it is oropharyngeal (throat) cancers. College students can still get the HPV vaccine. Resources and information about the HPV vaccine will be available.