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Wellness Corner

Great American Smokeout
November 16th
Location & Time TBD
The Center for Health Education & Wellness and Be Well is partnering with Smoke-Free Knoxville for the Great American Smokeout on November 16, 2017. The Great American Smokeout was launched by the American Cancer Society to encourage and support people to quit smoking. Information about tobacco cessation, services for those looking to quit, and more will be available. Stay connected to CHEW on social media @volshelpvols for more information about the event.
The 5 Things All Vols Know
Choosing to drink is a big responsibility. If a Vol chooses to drink they remember the following:
1.  A VOLUNTEER who chooses to drink knows the standard, never leaves their drink, and ALWAYS passes on the punch. VOLUNTEERS who choose to drink know what’s in their cup.
2.  If a VOLUNTEER goes out with a friend they come home with a friend. A VOLUNTEER does not leave anyone behind. VOLUNTEERS look out for each other.
3.  A VOLUNTEER chooses a safe way home before they go out. A VOLUNTEER always has a plan.
4.  If a VOLUNTEER sees someone in an unsafe situation they safely intervene. VOLUNTEERS act as active bystanders to keep the community safe.
5.  Remember, we are all VOLUNTEERS, we look out for each other! VOLS HELP VOLS
There are five steps to being an active bystander and safely intervening in a situation.
1. Trust the voice within yourself

  • Ever have that gut feeling that something isn’t right?
  • An active bystander trusts their inner voice that something is wrong.
2. Acknowledge the situation

  • Stop. Pay attention. Assess the situation.
3. Evaluate your options

  • There is almost always a safe way to intervene. Making your own safety a priority, what options do you have available?
  • If you are intervening between two people, you can always distract or diffuse the situation.
  • Need additional help? Enlist help. Get support. You can always delegate by talking to a Resident Assistant or calling UT Police at 974-3111.
4. Assume responsibility

  • Now that you have evaluated your options. Take responsibility for intervening and don’t assume someone else will. Moments are often fleeting, if you don’t act, no one else may.
5. Respond appropriately

  • Respond safely and in a way that addresses the problem