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The Word on Wellness: News & Upcoming Events From CHEW


It’s that time of year when students often find themselves caught up in taking care of the things they have to do for their classes—and they may not be taking care of their health and wellness. Many students are juggling more than just academic obligations, so it’s easy to understand why wellness may fall to the wayside. Finals and exams are hard. With that in mind, the Center for Health Education & Wellness would like to wish you the best during the end of fall semester. These last few weeks will be challenging but believe in yourself, do your best, and most importantly take some time for yourself.

Here are a few ways to take time for yourself even when you’re busy:

  1. Set aside 10-15 minutes every day to relax. You can spend some time alone, take a walk, take a break from technology (including your phone), or do some deep breathing.
  2. Try to eat healthy foods and limit sugars and refined carbs. Sugary snacks or drinks and comfort foods may help you complete a project in the short-term but they can have a negative impact on your mood and cause your energy levels to crash.
  3. Connect with the people who are important to you. Supportive social networks positively impact wellbeing. Meet a friend for a quick lunch or coffee. Call a friend, parent, or guardian from back home.
  4. Lastly, try to get a good night’s sleep. Avoid large meals before bedtime, naps before 5 p.m., and too much caffeine.