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The time commitments varies between the different chapters within each council. On average, you should expect to contribute approximately five hours per week as a new member, since the first semester is the most time intensive. New members participate in their chapter’s educational program, where they get acquainted with the new member class and chapter, develop leadership and time management skills, and become involved in Greek activities. Each sorority or fraternity has weekly chapter meetings, annual philanthropies, service projects, social events, and chapter events. Members are encouraged to become involved in campus activities and leadership positions, both in and out of the chapter while always remembering that academic commitments come first.

There are financial responsibilities from joining a sorority or fraternity. Cost for membership varies between the four councils and each specific sorority or fraternity in each council. Factors such as organization size, housing requirements, meal plan requirements, and fees to the inter/national office all impact the amount an organization member will be responsible for.

A recommendation is a written reference by an alumna to her sorority chapter. The letter is an introduction about a potential member’s academics, activities, and character. It is best if letters of recommendation are received by the chapters no later than August 1. However, if you miss this deadline, it is still in your best interest to send in the letter. Click here for more information about where to send a recommendation letter.

  1. Select which alumna will write a letter of recommendation for you. If you know a sorority alumna, ask if she would be willing to write a letter to her sorority on your behalf. The recommendation letter does not need to come from a UT alumna, but it does need to come from an alumna of each respective sorority.
  2. Provide the alumna who will be writing your letter of recommendation with:
    • Two pictures and a copy of your resume
    • Already addressed and stamped envelope
    • Note: If an electronic form is available, the alumna is encouraged to utilize the electronic form. If she wishes to mail in a letter or print out the form and mail that in, it will be accepted by the sorority.
  1. Send a thank-you note to the alumna after she has taken the time to write you a recommendation. This can also help you ensure that your letter was sent in by the deadline.

Click here for the Recommendation Letter Checklist

We strongly encourage students to attend the Meet the Greeks on Wednesday, August 23 in the Panhellenic Building. This is an informal opportunity for all students, not only incoming freshman, to learn more about these councils and member organizations, and the process for pursuing membership.

If you are an initiated member of a sorority or fraternity, you can be part of your organization at UT as well! It is your responsibility to make contact with the chapter to begin developing a relationship. Each chapter has individual rules for transfer membership, typically requiring a chapter vote.

*NOTE: You are not automatically guaranteed membership in your organization as a transfer student.

Hazing within any student organization is strictly prohibited by the University, each sorority and fraternity, and Tennessee state law. The Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life and our individual chapters strive to provide constant risk management education and supervision to prevent hazing. You can report a hazing incident through the UT Incident Reporting Form.

One of the most important ways a parent can support their student during this experience is to ask questions, stay informed, and learn as much as you can about the different sororities and fraternities at UT.  Allow your son or daughter to make their own choice about membership in a chapter (especially if you were Greek). Participate in chapter-sponsored events for alumni and parents. Your support should not end after recruitment or membership intake, but continue through your child’s years at UT.


Please visit each council’s page to learn more about membership requirements and the different chapters within each of the four councils!

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